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This page is a listing of canon keeper rulings, sorted by canon. Included are both preemptive and post issue rulings. Post issue rulings should include context to the ruling.


  • All demons are sentient. Yes, that Engeyri mushroom you had for lunch was a person. But don't feel bad, that's just the way it is. (Pointed out when various characters were discussing eating Demon Meat.)
  • Time Flows differently in the netherworld, 100 demon years pass in the span of one human year. Demons that live in Human worlds age at a human rate, while demons that live in the Netherworld age far slower. (Don't think about it too hard). The Angelic world of Celestia works similar.
  • Regardless of a demon or angel's rate of aging, they all have long lifespans. Aging tends to stop at or near adulthood.
  • Celestia cannot be traveled to freely. (Angels are jerks and keep the door locked.) You want in, you need plot reasons.

Dungeons & Dragons/Pathfinder

  • Named Characters (Drizzt, Artemis, Mordenkainen) from any published setting cannot enter the box and do not know of it without Canon Keeper permission. PCs you have played in YOUR ADVENTURES are free to ignore this limitation. They are welcome to wander in, or "get sent to another plane" for a visit. Drop by!
  • Published histories in published settings DID happen. Not all of them everywhere, but there is a reality where each one did.
  • Magic/Psionics Transparency is in effect.
  • Outsider Races (Baatezu, Agathions, Inevitables), or ANY outsider with an alignment or extraplanar subtype DO NOT ANSWER SUMMONS or Callings into this world, and cannot visit the boxes without permission. Outsiders not authorized to be here were never here. The Blood War will NOT spread into this site.
  • Powerful Outsiders (Unique Devils, Divine Beings) are currently unable to sense this universe, and are not to be portrayed in the chatbox. If your character gains spells or power from WORSHIPING these beings, your abilities are not hampered here. Gods are still pillars of the multiverse, even if they don't show up here. They powers they grant to your PC still work. Consider chatting with the Canon Keeper before you play something cleric-ey.
  • No using Disjunction against players or things in the box you don't like. Victims are allowed to claim all of their items passed the save against this spell will be enforced with no rolls required. Repeated attempts of Disjunction without the other player's cooperation is Godmodding.


  • The Timeline moves in real time. We're currently in The World R:2. The world R1 is no longer playable and all characters from it are lost.

Harry Potter

Your character must have been born with this type of magic and cannot "learn" it like other types of magic without the innate ability. Magical people in the Wizarding world are known from infancy, as certain types of strange things often happen around them. I.e., they must have been born with their magical powers.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

As the Steel Ball Run Manga now states that learning techniques such as ripple or Steel Ball build up power that can make someone have the potential to become a Stand User, and that those with sufficient Spirit Power can see Stands, I am extrapolating this to say that those with high spirit power and who are not stand users can see stands, and fight them, if they use their spirit power to do so (by imbuing it in their weapons or attacks, or cladding their bodies with it ala how Haki users use ki).

Pandora Hearts

  • You cannot get to the Abyss without a Baskerville opening a portal for you, or the Will of the Abyss inviting you (or in the case of Haruka, swallowing you).

Sonic The hedgehog Series

  • You cannot play a character that is canon to the Sonic the Hedgehog series. (Agreed to by both canon keepers.)


  • The Unmei System (consisting of the planets Unmei and Egae) cannot be traveled to/visited freely. You want to visit, you need to be the best goddamn friend of the royal family or be taking part in a plot.
  • The Unmei System cannot be found AT ALL under ANY circumstances without the EXACT coordinates being given (which they are not given to just anyone, very few people know where it is, for good reason).
  • You cannot play a demon/human/elf/werewolf/vampire/dwarf/faerie/etc from Unmei or Egae without express permission