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In SS a lot of movies and TV based on the real inhabitants of the house or things such as The [Star Trek] Federation, James Bond, etc., need explaining as to why they exist as films or comics or TV shows in the SS world. (How did the story get to the "creators" of the comics/show/whatever, NOT merely why are they in the SS world.)

Starred entries do not have listed canon keepers.

Adventure Time

Around when Flapjack was still on the air, a frog and a mushroom appeared outside of the studio and transported different people to Ooo, Lumpy Space, and the Nightosphere. Survivors of the ordeal couldn't stop talking about it; including the creators. They pitched the idea and it started airing some time later.


The invasion of the Yeerk Empire actually happened during the mid-90's. The events as a whole were chronicaled in the diaries of the Animorphs, and several of their allies. With the defeat of the Yeerk Empire, the diaries came to light and a relatively unknown scholar, K.A. Applegate, took the diaries and articles and compiled them into a series of books for the populace to read and fully understand of the history of the war and the peoples who fought it.

Babylon 5

A Vorlon telepathically transmitted his vision of the story from the past/present/future to JMS while he was in the shower. (JMS said the idea for B5 came to him fully formed as an idea one day when he was in the shower).

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Chuck Barris deliberately left out other operatives in his book, of which other game show hosts (like Gene Rayburn and Bob Eubanks) and certain Civilians were also a part of, dealing with larger matters not covered in any media, which he also deliberately left out.

Crosstime Traffic

Harry Turtledove was one of the first pioneers of the Crosstime Traffic and traveled between the dimensions. After several years, he began to write about his experiences in the different dimensions, and collected them as a series of books, which he sold to the populace in the Suburban Senshi Timeline. (Eryk Jones and Shuro Takanowa, agents of Crosstime Traffic from the Home Timeline are unaware of the books that exist in the SS Timeline.)

Cthulhu Mythos

One of the easiest to explain, as H.P. Lovecraft and his circle were sensitives who received many visions of actual events. Many of the named individuals, such as Randolph Carter, were in fact real people. While the U.S. government has been good about keeping the Deep Ones and the Devils' Reef incident quiet in official records, the true tale is indeed told by Lovecraft. These and numerous other incidents, many more that have never been chronicled by anyone, litter history with the mark of the Old Ones.

The Mythos plays a subtle but very real place in the history of the universe. Considering the number of times its influence has been felt through history it is definitely has a major role in the shaping of the SS universe. All the Lovecraft works are considered cannon. August Derleth works also have a presumption of canonicity. The events of Demonsbane are also considered as part of the Mythos.


The games are based on real events. The characters in them get a small cut of each game sold, or rather are supposed to, but being demons they often get sent copies of the game, or nothing at all. Etna mode, however, is non-canon but was written by Etna. Games linked to the series (Such as Phantom Brave or Soul Nomad) are also likewise based on real events. Only the best endings are considered real, except in the case of La Pullce. The Overlord Priere ending is it's real end. (Though the other endings, AND Etna mode, did happen in some alternate universe.)

Doctor Who

The Master sold the story to the series creators to fund his quest to build a new TARDIS.


Z is set in the 60's - the SS take on Dragonball after 2011 will be largely congruent with Team Four Star's excellent take.


Most of the films of Godzilla are in fact Documenentries made by Toho and sold as fiction overseas. All Showa (1954-1975) films happened. Heisei films (1984-1995) happened as well but at a smaller scale. Several other Toho films occured as well. With a lack of attacks in recent years, Toho has been filming fictions on the monsters (The Millenium Series). As well, several other films made by Toho are based off real events sold as fantasy or science fiction.

Harry Potter

The films are based on the real events as documented in Minerva McGonagall's book The Second Wizarding War. The book was accidentally left on a bench in a tube station and picked up by an unsuspecting studio writer, who took it entirely as fiction and brought it to the attention of his superiors. (This means our canon will be based on the books, not the movies.) When the Minister for Magic (currently Kingsley Shacklebolt) learned that the studio was going to go ahead with the stories to matter what, he made an extremely controversial decision and let them go ahead--with several conditions. J. K. Rowling was handpicked to write the novels based on McGonagall's scholarly work, and everything was presented as fiction.

Many in the wizarding world are thrilled with the positive exposure the movies have fictionally created throughout the world, hoping to someday go public and cease hiding, while others are staunchly against it.

If you need more info or background on Harry Potter, I suggest using the Harry Potter Wiki. For subtle changes to HP canon for our play universe, please see the Harry Potter page. Please see note on the series page regarding introducing new characters.


The Highlander films are based off somewhat real events, with each film having varying degrees of truth to them:


The film's script was written by Connor MacLeod and his then wife Brenda Wyatt, though they used the name of their friend Gregory Widen when offering it to the producers. For the movie, many of the actors were near identical to the real people, including Christopher Lambert, who doubled for Connor on certain scenes. All of the events are true to life.

Highlander 2

The script was written by Connor MacLeod alone as a favor to Gregory Widen, using the pseudonym of Peter Bellwood. Written after Brenda's death, Connor wrote the story in an attempt to give himself a "happy ending" of sorts. After the dismal performance, Connor quit scriptwriting. The events of the film are completely fictitious.

Highlander 3

Due to his retirement from scriptwriting, the story was written by another writer who was dictated to by Connor. The story is fairly factual with only minor details changed and one character added (Connor's adopted son, John).

Highlander: Endgame

The film is made up of fragments of actual events dictated by both Duncan and Connor. Unlike the finished film version, Connor actually lived and helped in the defeat of Kell.

Indiana Jones

The films (and novels) are based off of the personal accounts and memoirs of Indiana Jones, with certain details left out by Jones himself (such as the limits of the powers of the Holy Grail).

James Bond*

Ian Fleming fictionalized the story of a real MI6 agent (a womanizing lush with amazing skill who happens to be a Time Lord) to make the popular James Bond series. Bond is still active today and looks a bit like Daniel Craig.

Kamen Rider

Kamen Riders are real people/heroes, but are regarded as urban legends. There have been TV series and Movies released that try to cash in on their legacy, but most are laughably wrong in the real details.

Marvel Universe

[22:28] <@Ryan> [00:04] <Ryan> I'mma going to say this: I'm already leaning towards some sort of version of Civil War and Secret Invasion and Dark Reign happening. [00:04] <AMD> I'm all for that. [00:05] <Ryan> Basically a 'broad-strokes' version of those events. [22:28] <@Ryan> [00:05] <Ryan> Because I will admit this alongside: I am going to do my absolute best to ignore every contribution that Brian Bendis has made to 616 unless otherwise. [22:28] <@Ryan> [00:06] <Ryan> Dark Avengers would be one of the few Bendis things left around. [22:29] <@Ryan> [00:08] <Ryan> Go ahead, Matt. But don't use specific details. Broad-strokes. [00:09] <Ryan> There WAS a Civil War. Iron Man's side won. Cap was killed. [22:29] <@Ryan> [00:09] <Ryan> The same with Secret Invasion. Skrulls invaded. Norman Osborn used it to make him look a hero. He's now in charge of H.A.M.M.E.R. [00:10] <Ryan> ffff Wasp did not die in a sBLEEPtty dead [22:30] <@Ryan> [00:21] <Ryan> One More Day is gone. [00:21] <Ryan> But... certain events from BND is sticking. [22:30] <@Ryan> [00:22] <Ryan> Because I don't like the foundation that BND was built on BUT it DID bring up some good ideas. [00:22] <Ryan> Spidey needs a supporting cast and new villains and killing off Harry was a bad idea. [22:30] <@Ryan> [00:22] <Ryan> J.J.J. is definitely going to be Mayor.

The Mummy

The movies The Mummy and The Mummy Returns are based on actual events in our multiverse history. TheHunterKiller holds the Book of the Dead and Book of the Living, and their future versions are in the keeping of Please contact the canon keeper if you are interested in playing from this canon.

The Mummy

The first movie is mostly true to the story, although certain elements were certainly added, such as the wall of sand and the prison, as well as the character of the prison warden, Gad Hassan. The names of the modern people were changed, although not the ancient ones. The Egyptologist was an American, and there were not as many Americans on the trip.

The Mummy Returns

The second movie was much more fictionalized. The reincarnation plot was heavily altered and exaggerated. All combat between "Evey" and Anck-su-namun was added, and Evey did not die and get brought back to life. The character of Izzy was added, as well as his dirigible and the wall of water. Anck-su-namun did not abandon Imhotep after centuries of love and longing, but was killed when the temple at Ahm Sher began to collapse. It was only after her death that Imhotep gave up and died there, as well.

My Little Pony

After being transported to Equestria, Phoenix Wright spilled the beans on its existence to Hasbro Execs, who ran with it and made the show. Previous generations of ponies still exist, but look like G4 (Friendship is Magic) style.

Pandora Hearts

This Alternate Universe version of Alice in Wonderland became better known when the Abyss suffered a partial collapse following a large dimension-altering event. Those who survived had the small window of opportunity to cross through the parts which connected Pandora's world to Earth. Some of these people are descendants of Jack and Lottie, while others were merely citizens who were curious. Most live in or near Paris, and Jack and Lottie have been in contact with some of their descendants, including a young Baskerville descendant of Logan, who gave the story to Jun Mochizuki to publish as a manga plot. Though similar, Pandora Hearts is not to be confused with Alice in Wonderland.


An Ancient Alakazam, seeing visions of the P+DA001 Universe, went to See a Young man playing with beetles Named Satoshi Tajiri, and told him about the Pokémon Kingdom, Pre-Destruction. In 1987 Satoshi told his friends about the visions he got during his childhood, his friends laughed it off until 1990, when Satoshi put them down on paper, disguised as "Concept Art". these visions were used to create a Video game series (Not Accurate to the Visions at ALL), and a Television Series (Very Accurate to the Visions). NONE of these visions included Team Rocket, Which Satoshi added to the Games and Anime as Villains to Spite them.

  • Unofficial, Needs to be confirmed by canon keeper.

One Piece

Tales of the future (post Game Station Dalek Attack) Earth were sold to Shonen Jump under the One Piece Brand by some unnamed Time Traveler. Set in the future thanks to events in the DW 2005 Season 1 Finale for shaping the world.

Revolutionary Girl Utena

Akio Ohtori had set up secret spy cameras all over the Ohtori campus and the town it was situated in. After compiling some amazing footage of over a year, he decided to sell the DVDs he made to help fund the school (and his next project). Chiho Saito had visited the school while it was in its year of being filmed and decided to make a manga based on it. (Kunihiko Ikuhara had an amazing fever dream which he turned into the movie. He hired actresses and actors to look like the original people of the original show but completely changed everything about the original series.)

Sailor Moon

Umino Gurio sold the real names and stories of the Senshi to Naoko Takeuchi who made a bestselling manga out of them, and she in turn sold the story to Toei.

Sakura Taisen

The story of the Demon Wars and the various Fighting Troupes was discovered by RED Entertainment and they made games about them.

Star Trek

Gary Seven traveled back in time and sold the story of Star Trek to Gene Roddenberry to fund his Spy work.

Star Wars

Somehow Lucas came into possession of a Holocron detailing everything.

Super Sentai

Toei took security and news footage of both the suited heroes and their giant robots fighting, splicing it with footage they filmed of actors and rubber-suited monsters. After a law suit filed by Special Police Dekaranger, SGS and SCRTC, the company stopped the practice and started using their own creations.

Tamora Pierce (Tortall and Emelan)

Viewed as pockets universes, the worlds that Tortall and Emelan are connected to our world by a small series of incredibly hidden portals. As a young woman just about to enter college, Tamora Pierce fell into one of the portals and lived in Tortall for several years. She learned the history, read historical accounts and personal diaries, and when she came back, she began to write about the people she read about and personally met and their stories. She searched in earnest for any more portals and found herself in Emelan, where she did the same.

Time of Eve

Yasuhiro Yoshiura spent his time traversing Japan and found himself entering a small cafe called the Time of Eve. He became friends with the people that visited daily and, after talking to them for several months, he received their permission to tell their story as an anime.


The game's details are sold to blizzard by goblin reporters and renegade members of the Bronze Dragonflight, allowing the game's events to happen at the same time as the events on the real Azaroth.