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Hazel Ninegate Murder

The body of Hazel Ninegate was found embedded in the center of the Bonsai tree in The Hotel lobby. She was murdered by a weapon that pierced both her hearts.


  • Ema Skye: Detective assigned to this case. Found the body in the tree. Likes Science.
  • Franziska von Karma: Prosecutor assigned to this case.
  • Hazel Ninegate: The victim is in this case. A Time Lord.
  • Arx Sylvanran: Time Lord prosecutor. Modeled current form on von Karma. The current suspect.
  • Eitak Razal: Queen of another world. Witness to the discovery. Has (useless) diplomatic immunity.
  • "Plushie" Supeh: Alchemist. Reshaped the tree to uncover the body. Also likes Science, Also hats.
  • Eliza McIntosh: Witness to the discovery. Suspicious, may be on drugs.
  • Matsumi Kaze: Witness to the discovery. Member of the Rising Valkyrie Unit.
  • [[Jack Harkness]: Nothing of note. Perverted. Came to flirt with von Karma.
  • Tony Suthers: Likes order. Apparently a robot.
  • Prinnies: Weird penguins.
  • Doctor X: Time Lord. Currently confined to a wheel chair. Has broken bones and was poisoned.
  • Mongoosetiger: THE mongooosetiger. Helped find the body using smell. Called MGT for short.
  • Nivek Razal: Brother to Eitak. Time traveler.
  • Raihosha: "Father" of MGT.
  • Demon Lord Etna: Demon Lord from the netherworld. Commands the Prinnies. Self declared Beauty Queen.
  • Freya: Talking cat.
  • Brad London: Red Ribbon Army Soldier. Volunteered to help catch and question the killer.


  • Bonsai Tree: Location of the body. Body was planted by an unknown person.
  • Security Footage: Shows an unknown person planting the body.
  • Two Pronged Knife: The murder weapon. Paisely indicates it has no past or future, but comes from a place that is an everpresent now, which Sakura April sniffed out as the World Tree. Made of Validium metal.
  • Autopsy Report: Victim was stabbed in both hearts from behind. Had a look of shock upon her face. Victim was appx. 2550 years old
  • Suit of Clothing: Found in the tree. Fit a plus sized man. Full of holes.
  • Socks: Found in the tree.
  • Victim: confirmed by Pyhtia Paisely Peinforte as the real Hazel Ninegate, not a clone or force-aged duplicate. Psychometric analysis indicates this person was apparently killed in the house's libaray in the future section. Never saw her killer.
  • Jar 4: Contains part of the remains of a Centi Bison. Should be in the future secion of the library but is apperntly in Xadium's room. Was dropped and broken in the library.

Franziska's Organizer

  • The Enchanted Forest will lead to more information about the World Tree.
  • There was a doorway to this forest. the forest had "magic" power.
  • Someone named Noriko died at the World Tree. Someone named Sakura knows about her.
  • The murder weapon came from the world tree, but there was only one sword there, which has vanished.
  • Arx owned the tree where the body was found.
  • Xadium's wedding was disrupted several times by her. Possible grudge?
  • One of their friends died because of her father. Blood feud?
  • People with direct access to the tree: Noriko, The Corruptor, Arx Sylvanran, Sakura, Sakura April, Paisely, Vainamonen.

their business there:

  • The Corruptor: to destroy it to bring down the entire universe
  • Noriko...self sacrifice to save the universe
  • Sakura left the sword at the treein memory of her sister
  • Sakura April tried to save Noriko and failed.
  • Arx: was called to their by the sword
  • Peinforte: Created at the tree.

  • Arx Sylvanran had people thrown out of the house at gunpoint.
  • The murder occured in the House Library near stacks detailing the [future] history of the United Federation of Planets, specifically incidents relating to the Genesis Device circa 2285.
  • Only Time Travelers have access to that area of the Library.
  • Ceti Alpha Eels were stolen from the brain of a Ceti Bison, possibly by the victim. Xadium knows what they are.
  • Neither Xadium nor Gemini are infected. Is someone else? Is that relevant?
  • Arx could make her blade change shape.
  • The Sword at the world tree was named "Vindicator". Research it.
  • Did Noriko and Arx cross paths at the World Tree?
  • Could this "Vindicator" have carried on Noriko's essence? Or influenced Arx to murder?
  • Who is Ignis?