Bederatzi Porta

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Bederatzi Porta
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Time Lord



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Katana "Avenger"


Psychokinetic / Psychic power, Time Active

First Appearance

August 14, 2017

"There was once the story of a young girl named Alexa. Tired of her boring little life in her boring little house in her boring little hometown, she ran away to Tokyo. There, she found no end of terror in the Alien Zone of Akihabara. When all hope seemed lost, she found a small bauble--a burnt pocketwatch, whose owner was long dead. It spoke to her. It was so lonely and scared, you see, just like her. It offered her friendship, and strength, and a new home, and a new history, free of the shackles of her past.

Without hesitation, Alexa agreed, and merged with the spirit of the watch, becoming something new. She found herself a Lady, a Noble, last in the line of a dead house, the final successor to a history as old as time, and blessed with mystical sight beyond sight. But she was still sad, for she found she was now an Orphan.

And so, transformed into an Orphan who loved but yet was scorned by her new land, she set out to walk the stars and revenge her House against those who had laid it low. Some say along the way she found the Holy Grail, or the Philosopher's Stone... but whatever it was, it has made her a Witch of Time not to be trifled with."


She is aloof and distant, and prone to philosophical tangents. She doesn't seem to get phased easily, and shows particular affection for children and animals.


She scans as a perfect human, with no ailments or traces of disease (ala Captain America)


She uses an extremely mind-based method of working, as opposed to relying on tools or implements. She has been able to craft materials by mentally rearranging the atomic structure and imbuing them with enchantments mentally inscribed upon their surface.

She is capable of performing incredible feats with her mental power, including using just a flick of her fingers to lodge a bullet in someone's brain.

A family

Bederatzi's origin was revealed as a human who had run from her abusive family, and somehow chanced on a damaged Time Lord Chamelon Arch that contained fragments of Hazel Ninegate's memory, and led her to accept a new, overwritten personality as a descendant of House Nine. Her biology was augmented as well as her mental power, and she left Earth to train with a heretic sect of the Sisterhood of Karn, the Black Sisters.

When she first encountered Hazel after her escape from imprisonment as John Sheridan, she was almost killed by the enraged Time Lord, but eventually they met again in the ruins of Gallifrey on January 25th, 2020. There, Hazel expressed her genuine desire to be a family with Bederatzi, and the orphan accepted the chance to really be a part of a family once more...

"You are in my Debt"

On November 19th, 2023, after using her arcane skills to repair damage to the brain of Kaelyn Peinforte at the behest of her mother Paisley, Bederatzi placed Paisley Pythia Peinforte in her debt.