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Astral Seminar is a training school for individuals with astral abilities as they are known among the Lupa species. It is open to all astral Lupa who wish to participate, and takes place once each year.


This seminar is based on the astral teaching done by the Speaker's order on xcheamo. (After restoration, astral classes are taught in every teaching season except for every twenty years when Masters' Seminar is run instead. It is taught by Moon, Zaira, Trax, established members of the Speaker's order and astralgia who are serving at the Place of the Touched at that time.)

It is unknown if any such seminars were held on Terra in the past, as the 2012 seminar was new and unheard of before among Terran Lupa--certainly nothing on a global scale as this is. The idea came from the masters' seminars Miara Mitsuki was putting together for The Hotel residents, and she began working on building the idea for implementation among Terran Lupa, who are much more resistant to traveling and leaving their packs. However, she made the invitation, and was pleased to get a handful of participants in the first seminar.

Since then, those who participated have spoken to others, and word has spread of the worthwhile experience and superior training and skills available at the seminar, as well as being able to meet people a Speaker may have been talking to for years. The prospect of a 2013 seminar is exciting more people, and Miara is preparing for more participants.


In the first few weeks of October 2013, meetings were held between the Seminar team built by Miara that year (including Uffago, Svetlana, and Gaetano) and two members from the Speaker's order (Remev and Valeria) on xcheamo. The structure and form of the Seminar were discussed, as well as how it should develop and could be used as a unification tool between not only Terran Lupa, but Terran and xcheamo Lupa. There was also a focus on beginning to transition the Seminar over from Miara to the Seminar team.

In 2014, the seminar will moved to July, so that the timing doesn't conflict with spring in the northern hemisphere and the majority of female Speakers who have their mating season around this time. When announced in January of 2014, the Speaker's order endorsed the seminar as safe and beneficial to the Terran Lupa community.

The Seminar Team

Miara is currently transitioning leadership of the seminar over to Uffago, Svetlana, and Gaetano. They will all jointly teach the 2014 seminar, and Miara will merely assist in the 2015 seminar. Valeria, a member of the Speaker's order, will travel between xcheamo and Earth to assist them and coordinate with what is happening on xcheamo.

Uffago has the experience and abilities to lead the seminar, and has already carried out similar unification projects among his own people. He is a steady and patient teacher, a good command and control of his abilities, and is someone others will listen to. He now lives in The Hotel dorm and after Miara is the lead voice there.

A strong astralgia, Svetlana is responsible for the astralgia portions of the seminar, as well as for training and coordination between astralgia on Terra in general. She is to learn, perfect, and teach the power skills of which astralgia are capable. When news of new astralgia comes, it's her job to make contact with them and make plans for their training as appropriate.

The oldest of the seminar team, Gaetano has made many connections over the years and is will respected among Terran Speakers in general. He has used his connections and willingness to travel to spread word and bring positive attention to the seminar. His discipline and quiet demeanor are disarming and his experience makes him a very good teacher.

Music Team

2015 saw the development of a musical team associated with the seminar, headed by Miroslav Tietz. Miara arranged for him and Vilya to spend a few weeks on xcheamo with a music master, after which the Miroslav developed his repertoire of both homeworld and Terran Lupa music. In conjunction with a musical pack in California, Miara and Miroslav organized the recording of an album which was recorded in the fall of 2015 in which several dozen Lupa musicians and singers from throughout the world performed and/or sang. The recordings were aided by the use of shared mind facilitated by Miara to create a remarkable experience for all involved. Miroslav, Miara, Eiry, Sali, Edar & Nana, Zan, Kai, Uffago, Gaetano, and Nima were involved in various capacities.

During the astral seminars, Miroslav works to teach the participants songs from xcheamo or other parts of Terra which they may not know. He still works with the California pack in producing new music.

How it Runs

The seminar runs for 5 weeks, usually during a certain month, and condenses a season's worth of lessons at the Place of the Touched into grouped topics by week. Miara lead and ran the seminar in 2012 and 2013, with whatever helpers she choose, and would often call on people during sessions to help or talk on a particular subject.

Main classes are in the morning, from about 8 or 9 AM until lunch time, and in the afternoon, say 2–5 PM, there are practice sessions, during which the individual one-on-one training takes place. Participants are also expected to practice on their own if necessary to keep up with the group. Weekends are mostly free, though some special sessions and field trips may be scheduled for Saturdays.


Basic counseling skills. Actual counseling with each other, members of the Tokyo Lupa, perhaps others. Compare and help each other. Topics include psychology techniques. Kai's experiences with non-Lupa/various aliens. Gaetano will help with meditation instruction.

Shared mind and talking to people astrally. Will start with each other, and end up speaking to astral and non-astral people around the world. The younger participants will discover their astral range this week. This will be a big week for field trips.

Intro to astral power and basic exercises. What each can do, pushing that a bit. The more experienced members will also teach what they're good at. This week will focus more on the younger members who have little to no experience in this area.

Group astral power exercises. Integrating shared mind and power work, learning what they can do together.

This week will be more of an odds and ends type of week, following through on things the participants have taken particular interest in or want more instruction on. More power work, will get into some astral fighting a bit (most of them won't be able to do much with this).

Living Arrangements

The Lupa participating in the seminar will live in the dorm, where the rooms are first come, first served. Any spats or fights over rooms should generally be over quickly; sometimes a less accomplished fighter or less dominant person will end up giving their room over to someone else even if they got there first. Anyone who doesn't fit in the 8 dorm rooms and doesn't want to stay in the public rooms has access to any of the empty hotel rooms.

The kitchen and closets will be stocked as they usually are, and participants will have use of these things, and can bring in anything they like. Each of them will receive a little spending money, and otherwise will have to bring their own. They are also free to do as they like, go where they please, and have visitors and guests when not in seminar sessions. There is no dress code, but fighting should be kept to a minimum during sessions after the first few days.

Anyone attending the seminar is also welcome to join the Lupa fighting training sessions Miara runs on Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturday mornings.

Seminars and Participants

  • Dates: 29 June–2 August
  • Leaders: Miara and Uffago
  • Assistants: Gaetano and Svetlana
  • Representative: Valeria
  • Attendees: Grace Peterson, Kai, Nima Tsewang

  • Dates: 28 June–1 August
  • Leader: Uffago
  • Assistants: Miara, Gaetano, and Svetlana
  • Representative: Valeria
  • Attendees: Grace Peterson, Kai, Miroslav, Nima Tsewang,

  • Dates: 3-30 July
  • Leader: Uffago
  • Assistants: Gaetano and Svetlana
  • Representative: Valeria
  • Attendees: Grace Peterson, Kai, Miroslav, Nima Tsewang

  • Dates:July 30–September 2
  • Leader: Uffago
  • Assistants: Gaetano and Svetlana
  • Representative: Valeria
  • Attendees: Kai, Miroslav, Nima

  • Dates: 1–28 July
  • Leader: Uffago
  • Assistants: Gaetano and Svetlana
  • Representative: Valeria
  • Attendees: Kai, Miroslav, Nima