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Biographical information


Birth November 27 2006
Family Alexianna (twin sister), Solarchos (father), Inu-Kitsune (mother), Sylvester (brother), Catriona (sister), Natalia (sister)

happy little fox-boy

Physical description




Hair color

black, copper

Eye color


First Appearance

AnTilZha is a Kitsunejin/Human. His lush black hair frames his head like a lion’s mane and is marred by a large patch of copper-colored hair near his forehead. He has blue-green eyes like his father, Solarchos.

Character and Personality

In general, he is a very curious and inquisitive child. Most of the time he's more than happy to sit in the lap or arms of a trusted adult and simply observe everything around him. Unlike his sisters, he's able to sit still for hours and remain contentedly quiet, making him the most well-behaved of the kits.

Since the coming of the long-awaited 9th Birthday and their transference back in time to early 2003, AnTilZha has taken on more responsibility, realizing that it's up to him to ensure that all four of them work together and work through anything and everything the future has in store for them - an attitude that will serve him well in the far future once he assumes a leadership role.

Skills and Talents

In recent months he's been developing an artistic side and has started drawing strikingly accurate sketches and pictures of the people he knows and sees.

The Dream Fox Phenomenon

AnTil hasn't been able to visit the Hotel very often in his dreams lately due to a strange woman who started pursuing him several weeks after he first arrived in 2003. He's not sure who the girl is or what she wants, but he's awoken to find himself briefly spotting the woman staring at him while he'd been sleeping, mumbling to herself, but always escaping before he could find out anything about her. Since then AnTilZha hasn't been sleeping much at all as he's determined to ensure the safety of his siblings.

He has no idea just WHO his stalker is other than she has stark white hair, seems to be very physically fit, and keeps calling him "senpai."