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Demigod (Allodons apparently only give their ships numbers)
Ship specification

Demigod Class


Heavy Battleship/troop transport






Renegade Aspect of the Allodons; the Preservers use a different version

Warp Capabilities

Up to C-factor 30,000 (just under 5 light-years per hour).


spinal-mount Macrobeamer, multiple long-range pulse-phasers (equivalent to Hecutor-pattern plasma cannons) covering forward and side arcs, turreted particle-beam gatling guns for point-defense covering all arcs, fighter bays capable of housing upwards of 240 fighters.

Previous Campaigns


At a Glance

Length: 3000 meters

Width: approx 1200 meters at widest

Mass: estimated at 12 million tons

Crew complement: approx. 5000 plus fighter support staff. Maximum of 30,0000 ground troops.

Duration: One Terran year with troops in suspended animation. Four months at maximum complement.


Based on observations taken throughout the >>REDACTED<< War, the Demigod appears to be one of the Allodon’s most common class of ship. Compared to the vessels of the Imperium, the Demigod is only about the size of a light cruiser, but the overall level of miniaturization available to the Allodons gives the Demigod class firepower and capabilities comparable to a battle cruiser. Somewhat slow and capable of only moderate maneuverability at best, the Demigod-classes’ main strength is its focus on combat, especially planetary invasion and space dominance. Its weapons consist of batteries of long-range pulse-phasers capable of inflicting significant damage to an enemy starship coupled with a spinal-mount macrobeamer that can cripple most ships smaller than it with a single hit. Along its sides are numerous launch bays carrying hundreds of attack fighters and heavy interceptors, enabling the ship to engage multiple foes in a multitude of roles.

Defensively, Demigods are extremely well protected. Their hulls are heavily armored to such a degree that they can shrug off massive amounts of fire with little effect, and their internal structure is likewise designed to be easily repaired with plenty of spare parts and materials already stored in mass quantities within the ship's cavernous storage vaults. Their shields are unique and utilize the Allodon’s extensive knowledge of dimensional physics: when activated, the Demigods actually materialize a form of organic regenerative armor that encases the ship, but only manifests within this dimension when a threat to the ship is detected, suggesting that the shields are not only organic, but conscious on some level.

Anticipation denotes intelligence.

As it is, the dimensional phasing techniques used in Demigod shields would likely render them resistant or possibly even immune to shield-piercing effects. Naturally, this is pure speculation without actual study and testing to determine their shield’s full capabilities, but given our utter LACK of knowledge about the Allodons we should assume that anything is possible.

Demigods ultimately seem to be designed around the role of troop transports: their internal layout is capable of accommodating upwards of 100,000 ground soldiers in addition to the ship’s crew and can carry another 200,000 in suspended animation. Actual ground invasions are performed through the use of assault landers, teleporters, and orbital drop pods. Significant storage space is also present, enabling a single Demigod to support a planetary invasion (or travel to a target) for a long time without the need for resupply. Even the ship’s sensors are optimized for orbital support, granting a ship’s soldier compliment a significant advantage during a planetary assault by giving them continual access to constantly-updated orbital scans, topographical maps, enhanced communications, and fire support.

The Demigod’s method of FTL travel is fairly conventional – they travel through the Warp/Hyperspace like most other spacefaring races, but their knowledge of dimensional physics, as well as their natural temporal inertia, gives them a significant edge. Compared to the Imperium of Man, Warp travel is vastly faster and safer for the Allodons. Allodons don’t have Navigators like the Imperium does, but FTL guidance is provided using specialized hardware that scan the Warp ahead of them. These “warp antennas” aren’t unknown to the Imperium, but are very rarely used because of their exceptionally high technical requirements (archeotech) and their habit of attracting Warp-based predators. The Allodons, however, seem unconcerned about the risks: the reality stabilizers used by their ships are much more effective than the ones used by the Imperium, their worm-hole projectors clear a path through the phlogiston of the Warp with greater effectiveness than a regular Gellar Field and their mastery of the intricacies of dimensional physics grant them a much greater understanding of the currents of the Immaterium. As such, Demigods can reach a given destination in a fraction of the time it would take the average starship of the Imperium to reach (actual FTL travel speeds estimated to be upwards of four or five times greater than the Imperium, and almost ten times better than that of the Tau).

Despite not having anything similar to Navigators, all Allodon ships are surprisingly effective at travelling in the Warp. It's hypothesized that they have figured out how to use other types of stationary points within the Warp to act as navigational references in addition to artificial beacons like the Astronomicon. What little information can be gleaned suggests that the Allodons operating within the Imperium's galaxy use not just the Astronomicon, but Warp anomalies such as the Hadex Anomaly and the Eye of Terror itself as spatial landmarks, triangulating the positions using all three (which is something both the Imperium and the Chaos Hordes are either unable or unwilling to do themselves).

If the Demigod-class has any true flaws or shortcomings, it would be in regards to the Allodon’s unsophisticated knowledge of computers and power generation systems. The control systems are remarkably simple and easy to repair, but are so bulky that size constraints became a concern in the original design process. As such the Demigod has very basic command and control systems. Furthermore, the ship is powered by a nuclear reactor fueled by fissionable radioactives (as opposed to fusion or antimatter like most other spacefaring races). While the system is efficient and generates adequate amounts of power for all systems, in the event of damage to the reactor the resulting breach can flood large portions of the interior with lethal amounts of radiation. While the ship’s crew are knowledgeable, a radiation leak of that magnitude can easily overwhelm even an Allodon’s exceptional constitution.

Priority Report

>CIA Field Report Local Dateline September 2016, Rassilonian Era Submitting Agent: 002.461517neminixblipsonara<

Intern. This is important.

I have managed to obtain information indicating that the Allodons use similar methods in each of the galaxies they've overrun, maintaining highly detailed hyperspatial "atlases" of each and every one of them. During the >>REDACTED<< War they Renegades did not have the time to begin any such "Aetheric Lexicon" of Mutter's Spiral, but they had already started using a single large-scale temporal anomaly as a fixed, easily-identifiable reference point.

The Untempered Schism. They knew where Gallifrey was the entire time. It was like a flare in the dead of night to them. I recommend warning the Council to begun researching ways to obscure and mask the Schism's temporal signature. If the Renegades could detect and adapt it to their own use so readily, what about the Preservers? Or the Exterminators?

We were fortunate that the Renegades were here to help, but that one ship they destroyed soon after arriving?

It had been overrun by the Exterminators. The Renegades destroyed it to prevent any risk of contamination.