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Allison Blitz-Kahara
Biographical information


Birth July 13, 1994
Family mother and father, Ansgar (brother), Victoria (cat), Langley (husband), twin sons (Abel and Cain)

Pop idol/vigilante


Soeur_d'Apollo, Sailor Sol, Kamen Rider Melody

Physical description




Hair color

Golden brown

Eye color





Star Henshin Pen, iSoletia, Dawn Daggers, Sengoku Driver, Genesis Driver


Henshin into a Sailor Senshi, sunlight- and music-based attacks; the power of Persona; henshin into a Kamen Rider


Hello! Project, H!P Kids, MiniMoni, Apple Musume。, DISCOTHEQUE

First Appearance

Allison Blitz-Kahara (née Allison Blitz) is an American woman. She's kinda like Hannah Montana, a pop star/normal girl, but replace "normal girl" with "super hero." When she was based around the New York City area, including parts of her home state of New Jersey and the neighboring Philadelphia, Allison fought crime as Sailor Sol, along side her brother, Ansgar a.k.a Sol Knight. Now living in Tokyo, Japan, she fights as Kamen Rider Melody.

Silver Millenium Bits

Allison herself doesn't remember much about her past life, as those memories are kept with her twin brother, but from what she does remember, she was an only child. Not only that, but at the time the other princesses of the sol system were in their late teens, Allison was only just born. According to her manager/guardian, Damien, the princess of Sol was only three weeks old when the Silver Millennium was brought to ruin by Beryl and her army. Why it took so long for Allison to be reborn on Earth is anyone's guess.

Life in America

Allison and Ansgar were raised in Hamilton, New Jersey, for most of their lives. Around the time that they were 11, Allison was discovered by a representative of Capitol Records. She auditioned, and was signed a week later. After three months and two weeks, Allison's debut album, "CompleX", was released world-wide.

Around that time, a new talent agency was picking up kids from Allison and Ansgar's school for various outlets, like modeling, acting, and other such things. Allison thought this was kinda cool, because she wanted more friends that were also in show business. But when the kids started to disappear and crime rates went up, a part of her started to take notice.

Things took a turn when, at a live concert at the Manhattan Mall, Allison saw a girl from her school in the audience. Trying to wave at the girl, Alli got a sudden pang of anxiety and blacked out. She doesn't remember anything that happened.

When she awoke, Allison was told by her manager that her friend had turned into a monster and attacked everyone at the concert, and a mysterious fighter saved everyone there and purified her friend of the darkness tainting her form and talent. Damien never told her, however, that she had transformed into that mythical warrior. It was with this attack that the adventures of Sailor Sol began.

It would be a few months before Allison became aware that she was Sailor Sol. Until the memories of her 'past life' were transferred to her brother, the Sol persona would take over whenever a Star Wreck appeared. Once the transfer was made and Ansgar became Sol Knight, the Sol persona faded away, leaving Alli in full control of her Sailor Senshi form. From there on out, the brother-sister team would work to take down the Dark Agency, saving their friends from lives of crime and despair. Along the way, they helped out Spider-man, harbored mutant teens to safety at Xavier's School upstate, and had a number of other adventures while protecting the tri-state area.

As Allison's fame grew, her record label wanted her to tour Asia, a growing market for her. Her first stop was Japan, where she would soon find herself at the doorsteps of Ten'Aino House. She quickly found herself drawn to the world they showed her, including the knowledge that the previous Sailor Senshi were not only still alive, but lived there. Allison, determined to impress her elders, went off to fight an alien criminal that Special Police Dekaranger was in the middle of apprehending. The alien proved too strong for Sailor Sol, however, who quickly lost strength from the moment she henshined.

Waking up in a holding cell at DekaBase, Allison would be interviewed by two detectives, Adam Kanal and Marika Reimon. Allison was quite lucky, actually: Adam was a huge fan of hers, and 'Jasmine' was curious as to why a new Sailor Senshi had decided to show up in Japan. After a lengthy interview (and five autographs), the young singer was released from space police custody with a warning. Allison was curious as to why her powers gave out on her, but that wouldn't be solved any time soon. For now, Allison had a tour of Asia to finish.

After returning to the states, Allison's powers seemed back to normal. Just in time, as a new villain, Kuroi Madoushi Nekorosha, popped her evil head into the picture. Her dark magicks proved to be quite a match for a lone Sailor Sol, but being able to team up with her brother again meant Nekorosha stood no chance. It soon came to light who was pulling the strings in their struggle - Madame Noire, the apparent CEO of Darklight Agency.

After a couple of months, the Sol twins took the battle to the Agency. In a battle too epic for a single issue of a comic book (the story would eventually be released in a "giant sized" release), Allison and her brother took Madame Noire out. The vacuum created, though, would soon be filled by another CEO, M. Blanc. Nekorosha would continue to act as a dragon to the CEO, her alter-ego's solo career starting to over shadow Allison's.


Allison was raised Catholic, and believes wholeheartedly in the catechism. Although she did spend a brief amount of time in Soul Society, she's held onto her religious beliefs, expanding upon them. She saw Soul Society as a Heaven-like city, and likened the Shinigami to angels.

Allison is pro-equal rights for the LGBTQ and mutant communities. She's often donated money to homeless shelters that either helped gay and transgendered teens, mutant teens and abuse victims. She's often noted as one of the few Catholics to be outspoken on this issue.



Under Capitol Records

  • Seen You Before (Debut Single)
    • Released Summer '05
  • ComleX (Debut Album)
    • Released August '05
    • Debuted at #8/Peaked at #4
  • Maybe It's Me (Second Single)
    • Released December '05
    • Debuted at #5/Peaked at #3
  • 13 (3rd Single)
    • Released March '06
    • Debuted at #7/Peaked at #5
  • Kick (4th Single)
    • Released June '06
    • Debuted at #2/Peaked at #2
  • They Fight Crime (2nd Album)
    • Released March '07
    • Debuted at #3/Peaked at #1
  • Ladybug (5th Single)
    • Released March '07
    • Debuted at #4/Peaked at #1
  • Now (6th Single)
    • Released June '07
    • Debuted at #2/Peaked at #1
  • Thriller (7th Single)
    • Released September '07
    • Debuted at #1/Peaked at #1

Under Hello! Project

  • Gorgeous Girl (Debut Single)
    • Released July '08
    • Debuted at #3/Peaked at #1
    • Featuring a Euro-pop feel, this song has Allison singing about her idolization of a model in a magazine. By the end of the song, she's determined to be just like her, declaring she'll "rule the world" by the song's end.
  • What Christmas Means to Me (Special Christmas Single, billed as "Alli & Apollo")
    • Released December '08
    • Debuted at #4/Peaked at #2
    • A cover of a modern Christmas song. A duet with her twin brother, Ansgar Blitz.
  • Bye Bye Bye! (Credited as °C-uteにAllison Blitz)
    • Released April '09
    • This track was recorded and released to promote Allison's first tour, which was done jointly with her favorite group, °C-ute. The song had an 80's feel, and the video featured Allison as the center.
  • Foolish/Goonies R Good Enough (Double A-Side)
    • Released June '09
    • Debuted at #3/Peaked at #3
    • Foolish depicts Allison reeling from the revelation that her crush on a classmate is unrequited after sharing her feelings with him. She goes on to describe that she can hear people whispering about her, but in the end they remain friends.
  • Shibuya Ai no Uta
    • Released September '09
    • Debuted at #2/Peaked at #2
    • Her first single in Japanese, this ballad expresses Allison's feelings after breaking up with a boy that she still cares for, with her feelings intensifying after seeing other couples in places the two went on during dates. It ends with her finally realizing that she has to move on, even if she's alone.
  • Say It! SEISHUN
    • Released December '09
    • Debuted at #3/Peaked at #3
    • This ska-influenced single has Allison singing the joys of youth, telling everyone to enjoy being young to the fullest extent by making memories with your friends and, apparently, making the best booth at the culture fair.
  • First Date (First Album under H!P)
    • Released January '10
    • Debuted at #2/Peaked at #2
  • Alice
    • Released Feburary '10
    • Debuted #1/Peaked #1
    • Released to promote Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" in Japan. The same song was released in America by Avril Lavigne.
  • Silver Von Plastik
    • Released April '10
    • Done in a style similar to Russian folk music, Allison sings of a spoiled princess who eventually falls off of a cliff chasing after a golden butterfly.
  • Fool No More
    • Released Early July '10
    • A cover song originally recorded by S Club 8, the girl in the song claims how she won't fall for her (presumably now) ex-boyfriend's lying and cheating ways. Released to promote her Europop cover album.
  • migikata の chou
    • Released October '10
    • Cover of the internet hit originally 'performed' by the Vocaloid Kagamine Rin. Her brother released a sibling single to match.
  • Happy New Year
    • Released December 31 '10
    • A somewhat upbeat ballad, Allison sings the story of a couple who live through many New Years together, reflecting on the little bits that made their year.
  • Sayonara
    • Released March '11
    • Her last single before what turned into a nearly year-long hiatus, what was originally meant to be a simple ballad turned into something fans saw as a sign of her imminent retirement from the idol business.
  • Futari (Second H!P Album)
    • Released Febuary '12
  • Never More
    • Released April '12
    • Released in time for the various graduations in Japanese schools, Allison said this song, written by her brother, was dedicated to all the friends she made in school, including the friends she made while in Inaba for a year.
  • Chewing Gum
    • Released August '12
    • Debuted at #2 / Peaked at #1
    • A cover of the club hit by Annie, Allison chose this song as her single to promote the two-disc cover album, "POP WON'T STOP 2". This would mark a departure from her normal "cute" image, going for something closer to "sexy" after her 18th birthday.
  • Señorita
    • Released November '12
    • Debuted at #3 / Peaked at #3
    • Recorded with Latin music undertones, this single gives voice to the worries that Allison once described in a blog post. She sings about losing touch with her youth, growing up too fast and killing any chance at having a normal life because of her idol career.
  • Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (Pucker Up, Sucker)
    • Released Feb '13
    • Debuted at #2/ Peaked at #1
    • Described as a "take that" to Toxic, KK, BB is a rock-styled anthem for women. Tired of waiting around for a man to find her, Allison sings of a girl taking to the streets, looking for love and not caring about the property damage she may cause.
  • 3 O'Clock Coffee (Third H!P Album)
    • Released May '13
    • Debuted at #1/Peaked at #1
    • A very unassuming single, this release is a simple song about, well... buying candy with friends. The PV paired with this single goes a bit deeper, showing Allison in dual roles: as a high school student, filling typical anime clichés, and as an idol that Allison keeps finding in media, whether it be on a TV display on the way to school, at karaoke with friends, or in her dreams.
  • The Decadence / Ai no Age
    • Released September '13
    • The first in a new line of double A-side singles, this release has very differing styles. The Decadence is a slow, mild number with heavy use of stringed instruments in what she described as a "tribute to old New York dance clubs of the late '80s". Ai no Age is a contrasting high energy dance track, with synthetic sounds and an 8-bit feel.
  • FRUiT / Projection of Love
    • Released February '14
    • FRUiT is described as a "candy-coated" bubble pop song, and was used as an image song for YGGDRASILL Corp. after Allison was announced as the new spokesidol for the company's Japanese branch. Projection of Love is a dance ballad, talking about sending a message of love and peace into the stars and, thus, the future of humanity.
  • L O L / Birthday Cake Bazaar / URAHARA Temptation
    • Released July '14
    • The last single to be released before Allison's entrapment during the Zawame Crisis, it would prove to be one of Allison's best selling, topping the charts for nearly a month straight. While L O L was seen as pretty standard electropop single, the real hits were Birthday Cake Bazaar, a song written especially for Allison's birthday (with a nod to her wedding anniversary), and URAHARA Temptation once again showed the world that Allison was an adult, revealing her strong, sexy side once more to the world.
  • Quarter-Life Crisis (4th H!P Album)
    • Released April '15
  • Papa Don't Preach / Total Eclipse Of The Heart
    • Released August '15
    • Debuted at #9 / Peaked at #4
    • Released after her public announcement of her pregnancy, the choice of songs to promote the new cover album done with DISCOTHEQUE and Apple Musume。was seen as quite coincidental. Papa Don't Preach is taken as an aching ballad, utilizing a minor chord to match the haunting lyrics. Total Eclipse Of The Heart is played for all the needed camp that the original provided, with a heavy reliance on synth and violin.
  • Mrs. Thing / Synesthesia / The Reflex
    • Released June '16
  • Gabu-gabu! / Glisten
    • Released Nov '16
  • Pop Spring! / Free! My Heart / Bath Bomb
    • Released April '17
  • Mother May I (Fifth Album)
    • Released May '17
  • Plastic Love / Oh No!
    • Released August '17
  • Roses / 4 In The Morning / Flesh Without Blood
    • Released January '18


  • Sesame Street (JPN) (TV) (2007-)
  • Yorosen! (TV) (2008-09)
    • A late-night edutainment show, Allison offered quick surprise English lessons, often rewarding the quizzed idols with cakes and sweets if they got everything correct.
  • Goonies (2009)
    • Allison's first movie role, she co-stared with young Japanese actors, including the rising star Ozu Houka in a not-quite remake of the 1980's cult classic.
  • Bijou Houdan (TV) (2009-10)
    • An interview show, Allison was on for two weeks, and interviewed two foreign guests.
  • HaroPro Time (TV) (2012)
    • A show where the idols of H!P take HD HandiCams and film behind-the-scenes and personal life footage for their fans.
  • The Girls' Live


  • I♥NY
    • Released August '09
    • The first photobook for Allison, the pages all show her enjoying her time in the various Burroughs of New York City.
  • All is on
    • Released December '10

H!P Profile

  • Name: Allison Blitz
  • Birth Date: 1994-07-13
  • Nickname: Alli, Alli-chan
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 162.56 cm
  • Birthplace: Trenton, New Jersey, USA
  • Audition Song: C'est la Vie
  • Hobbies: Writing, video games (Katamari Damacy especially!)
  • Special Skill: singing, making people laugh
  • Strong Point: I always have good ideas on how to have fun.
  • Weak Point: My Japanese needs practice.
  • Habit: Cracking my knuckles
  • Favorite Color: Gold, white, peach
  • Favorite Flower: Daisy
  • Disliked Thing/Thing to do: Cleaning my room
  • Scared of: Mummies, jellyfish
  • Favorite Movie: Mean Girls
  • Favorite Things: Cupcakes, old cameras
  • Favorite Book: "Oh, The Places You'll Go!"
  • Favorite Word: "Arigatou" (thank you)
  • Favorite Season: Summer (birthday), winter (snow!)
  • Favorite Food: Pizza from New York, griddle cakes
  • Favorite City: New York! Tokyo, Atlantic City
  • Least Favorite Food: Cottage cheese
  • Favorite Song: Tokkaiko Junjo
  • Charm Point: Eyes

Battle Information

As Sailor Sol


  • Slender Beam
  • Rising Dawn (using Dawn Daggers)
  • Sexy BEAM!! (learned from Yaguchi Mari)
  • Slender Beam Spiral
  • Angelic Voice

As a Persona User

After accepting the reality that her Shadow brought to the forefront, Allison gained the power of Persona. She was able to summon Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto, a Persona based on the Japanese goddess of Dawn. She's of the Sun Arcana.

As Armored Rider Melody


Allison received one of the Sengoku Drivers being tested out by Yggdrasil. With it, she was given a Ringo LockSeed, a LockSeed with an apple motif. By "locking on" the LockSeed into the Sengoku Driver and "slicing" open the LockSeed, Allison can summon a giant metal apple. Said apple crashes onto her head, and unfolds into a chest and back armor. Each LockSeed, save for the Himawari LockSeed, grants anyone with a Sengoku Driver armor and a weapon themed around the fruit.

Allison later "liberated" a Genesis Driver, along with a Peach Energy LockSeed, which allows her to become Kamen Rider Melody Shin.

LockSeeds in Allison's possesion include:

  • Ringo LockSeed
    • Grants Ringo Arms, stylized helmet and chest armor, and the Ringo Tessen.
  • Momo LockSeed
    • Grants Momo Arms, stylized helmet and chest armor, and the Momo Kanabou.
  • Mikan LockSeed
    • Grants Mikan Arms, stylized helmet and chest armor, and the Mikan Daimaruko.
  • Peach Energy LockSeed
  • Sakura Hurricane LockSeed


  • Allison's alignment is Lawful Good.
  • She smells of sunshine, music and daisies.