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The Alien Zone Police is the unofficial title for the police force stationed within the Tokyo Alien Zone. It's official title is Tokyo Police Department 102 Greater Alien Zone. While still considered a part of the Tokyo Police force, the Alien Zone still has it's own comissioner.


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Day Shift

  • Neva D'yan - Police Commissioner and Head Detective
  • Sskt - Police Officer and Vice Squad
  • Cir Mi-38 - Police Officer and Tech Officer
  • Lt. Miruru - Police Officer
  • Orbic
  • Yotu
  • Uta

Night Shift

  • Hadja - Police Officer
  • Cama Ijur - Police Officer
  • KVT - Police Officer
  • Lufus Aluro - Police Officer/Detective


  • Leoanna Kandji - Court Baliff
  • Kar Tash - Payroll officer


The headquarters of the Alien Zone Police are located at 9831 Hoshi Avenue North. Originally owned by a drug dealer as a front, it was reclaimed by the city and most of the rooms are completely empty due to the small size of the force.

Underneath the headquarters is a subterranean holding facicility codenamed "The H.O.L.E" (Holding Oubliette Level Eight), which is an impenetrable SuperMAX style containment facility for high risk super powered beings and alien lifeforms.


Case 0: Dark Side of the Zone

While exploring the Alien Zone for her first time, Neva was attacked by a random stranger. Discovering him to be a carrier of the alien drug Vraxoin, Neva decided to discover the source of the drug and the masterminds behind the trade. Eventually Neva, along with new officer Cir Mi-38 and Sakura April were able to track down the source to Ograon philanthropist Ia Harum. With the assistance of drug addict and call girl Sskt, the group took Harum in for questioning and trial.

Case 1: The Suffering Artist

On a routine patrol, the police are called in on the discovery of the corpse of famed Mencinax artist Gyl Yos. Upon further inspection, his death is deemed a suicide. However, while the man was well known for being in a constant state of depression and having attempted to kill himself several times before, Neva is not convinced and orders her officers to do further investiations into what she is sure is cold blooded murder. It is soon discovered that one of his early paintings accedently contains a vital clue to a cold case from the past concerning a local art seller, forcing the man to kill Yos and frame it as suicide. Putting together a sting, the team is able to arrest the man before he can destroy the evidence.

Case 2: The Photon-Mano Incident

Due to a rising amount of gang violence in the area, Neva becomes convinced that someone is supplying both sides through the black market.