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Biographical information


Birth November 27 2006
Family AnTilZha (twin brother), Solarchos (father), Inu-Kitsune (mother), Sylvester (brother), Catriona (sister), Natalia (sister)

happy little fox-girl

Physical description




Hair color

copper, black

Eye color

deep gray


boundless exuberance and nigh-unlimited energy

First Appearance

Alexianna is a 9 year old Kitsunejin/Human and daughter of Solarchos and Inu-Kit. Her unruly coppery hair, which darkens to black at her bangs and sideburns, is usually tussled from playing. Her gray eyes are rather similar to those of her mother.

Character and Personality

Overall, she's a tremendous bundle of energy bordering on hyperactivity. She's also quite affectionate and friendly, more than willing to hug anyone who approaches her.

Skills and Talents

Mentally she's exceptionally intelligent, learning how to read at two years of age. By the time she was four she could read at the level of a Human twice her age. During the Kit's mission in the past Alexianna's nigh-inexhaustible energy has enabled her to keep exerting herself for hours and hours without slowing down. Her appetite, on the other hand, has expanded, putting her right on the level of Usagi and other "shoujo-esque" girls who can devour mass-quantities of food and never gain a single ounce. Just don't try to get between her and whatever she's eating...especially since historical records confirm that Alexianna actually knows how to cast "Dragon Slave" (apparently courtesy of Yukari Yakumo's interference).

Her 20 year old version, however, is a sight to behold. Having been fully put through the Astartes Program Alexianna has grown into a phenomenally beautiful woman with a body like a professional gymnastics athlete and an IQ well over 170. As the Librarian of the Ghost Fox Chapter, Alexianna is both the infant Space Marine Chapter's primary historian and lorekeeper as well as a powerful psyker (a Telepath in her case). So far she's demonstrated that she can not only influence other beings' emotional states from vast distances, but she can also send and receive telepathic messages from ranges upwards of several AUs (making her not just a telepath but an astropath).

Reportedly in the grim darkness of the far future, her appetite remains at the "Lina Inverse" level.