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"Kibouni" Akuri
Biographical information



6 March 2007


Kibouni Hikari


Freelance Detective


Dark Miracle, guuzen_densetsu

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color



158 cm (5'2")


Pouch of infinite holding filled with kuhkuri blades


Energy/beam manipulation, Enhanced strength, speed/agility, constitution


Sailor Team (non-senshi ally)

This is the entry is about the unidentified starseed life form known as 'Akuri.' For details on her host host's existence before her awakening, see Kibouni Hikari.

Origin of Akuri

Yamamoto Umeko and her group of elemental thugs known as The Great Five, or Dodai, captured Dikari as she was walking home alone and later ripped out her starseed. The rage that had begun to build up in her heart over her parents death, instead of instantly killing her, formed a mirror image of Hikari, albeit with white hair around the starseed when it was removed. However, no matter how strong a Sailor Senshi's will may be, after a while with no starseed in the body, sooner or later the body will deteriorate and die.

Soon after the fact, the Godai realized they could no longer control her antics and tried unsuccessfully to kill her. This resulted in the destruction of the Godai base and the death of Umeko herself in the chaos. As she herself tried to escape the burning base, Akuri ran into a dying Hikari, still in chains, who with her last breath pleads with Akuri to change her ways and not be so evil. With those words and the kind smile that followed, something struck a chord in Akuri. She gave some of her power to the dead girl, which formed a new starseed for Hikari, as well as powering up her Sailor Fuku and freed her from her bonds. The two escaped into the night together as the fire claimed the complex.


At first, the 'clone' had no name, strutting around high and mighty, wielding an enormous amount of power, and basically declaring war on all that was good and pure. Although she acclimated to the human world and its strange customs, it was only for the sake of carrying out her schemes in an easier fashion. She may look and talk like a Human, but she still has a lot to learn when it comes to language and interaction, as most slang terms are lost on her. Eventually, she came up with a name to call herself, as she realized that things have names, and calls herself Akuri: 'aku' being the term for nightmare and 'ri' from the last kanji of Hikari's name, as she is a part of the soldier, after all.

She's wily and sarcastic, often sounding bitter, and tends to talk to others with the air that she she's better than them. She does have a small soft spot, but it takes a lot of digging under that hard veneer to get there. While Hikari tries to teach her about people and life, Akuri teaches Hikari about strength. As they both grow, Akuri slowly begins to realize that while she has power that could be wielded in devastating ways, there may be something worth saving this backwater planet for after all, and reluctantly lends her services in battle from time to time.


Akuri usually wears dark clothing, sometimes glasses, and her hair either long or in a loose ponytail. She appears to be about 18, and usually has a scowl etched on her face, but has been known on occasion to let a smile slip.

Powers and Abilities

While Akuri has no costumed form of her own to speak of, she still commands an absurd amount of strength for someone her size. She can punch with the force of a speeding Mack truck, and has an enhanced constitution, along with abnormal agility. Whether this life form is indestructible or not has yet to be tested. It has also been noted that she is able to access the powers of Hikari's Sailor Crystal. Such ability was demonstrated when, during Hikari's brief retirement as a Senshi, Akuri stole Hikari's henshin device and used the guise of SolarMiracle to convince Hikari to become a senshi once again.


Favorite movie: Battle Royale
Favorite TV show: Kurosagi, Liar Game
Guilty Pleasure: Becoming friends with my host.
Odd Habit: Polishing her knives randomly.
Preferred Next-Gen Console and Why: I don't understand the question.

Q&A with Akuri-kun

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