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Adam Noah Kanal
Biographical information



June 20, 1987


Detective (S.P.D), server (Tachibana's Sweets)


DekaBlue, Kamen Rider Zephyr, BoukenBlue

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color





One (1) katana, "Sakura"; one (1) glock; one (1) henshin onibue; one (1) ongekikan, "Reppu"; two (2) ongekibou, "Rachet and Clank" (summer only); one (1) SP License; one (1) Accellular

As DekaBlue: one (1) D-Rod; one D-Knuckle; one (1) D-Revolver (SWAT Mode only)

As BoukenBlue: one (1) SurviBuster; one (1) Blow Knuckle


Special Police Dekaranger, TAKESHI Org., SGS

Adam Kanal is a regular at #suburbansenshi2. Originally introduced as a Yakuza flunky, Kanal has since moved up in life as a high-ranking detective with the space police organization Special Police Dekaranger.

This article will cover mostly post-crisis Adam, as the mun can't remember too many details about pre-crisis Adam.


Life in America

Was born. Dad disappeared. Mom remarried. Adam eventually got shipped off to Japan as a disciplinary measure.

Tokyo Academy

It was here and Generic Tokyo Academy that Adam met Go-Go Yubari, joined the Yakuza family that was run by O-ren Ishii, and then later graduated.

Adam was never fully inducted into the Crazy 88. On the night of his induction ceremony, which was to include karaoke and a pizza party, the poor boy was running late. He tried speeding down to the House of Blue Leaves on his scooter when a yellow-clad motorcyclist knocked him over. It took him a while to get back on the road, but by the time he got to the restaurant, it was too late. The half of the minions that weren't dead were on their way, Go-Go was knocked cold from a hit to the back of her head, and O-ren was facing The Bride. Adam stayed hidden until the woman left.

Once he was able, Adam took Go-Go and O-ren to the hospital. They would both go on to survive their injuries, but the majority of the Ishii clan would not. With such a loss, O-ren feared she would lose control over the Yakuza to the Kaioh clan once more. It was decided that, while Go-Go and O-ren tried to rebuild their ranks, Adam would go to America and track down The Bride.


Forever Dekaranger


Wait, Liaison Officer for WHO?

Going Home

The Return


  • On July 22, 2012, after helping to summon Shenlong for Mango, Adam inadvertently yelled out a phrase from a popular '80s movie, "Heathers". Adam was thus "f[BLEEP]d gently with a chainsaw" as Shenlong thought that was his wish.
  • Adam smells of rooibos tea, wota and blue.