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9 Pride (stylized as ⑨ P R I D E) is the 9th regular studio album by Apple Musume。 and was released on June 20th, 2019. This album marked some milestones for the group, including the 10th anniversary of the group's founding, and the first "class reunion". It was also released to coincide with their part in the years World Pride being held in New York City (the first time it would be held in the United States), and also the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riot.

The Look

In an interview with NPR, leader Portia described how she brought her design ideas to the record label.

"I went to our label head, with our manager, Goldie, and I laid out all of my drawings and photographs that I'd taken at the last Pride parade in New York. The label head looked everything over, and he had this... grimace on his face? He looked up at me and said, I kid you not, "Miss Edwards, I'm sorry, but this is really queer."

I looked him right in the eye, and without missing a beat, I told him that this was lightweight compared to what I originally wanted. And I threw down more, stuff that I'd made with Graham [Lund, former member of Apple Musume。] and Ansgar [Blitz, member of DISCOTHEQUE and brother to founding member Allison Blitz-Kahara] and it was even gayer. I think there was even a photo of Ansgar's butt framed perfectly in a jockstrap that he happened to be wearing the day we shot everything. I swear to God, that grimace on his face got worse, and he very politely told me that my first concepts were perfect.
—Portia Edwards, NPR Interview June 18th, 2019




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